It is a company recognized for its expertise in the provision of assistance services, financial, accounting and tax consulting with special attention in administrative demanded for national and international companies, founded by Mr. Alexis Mesa Borrego in 2009.

The main office is located in the city of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Its partners and work team stand out for their high qualification from the academic point of view and professional experience with more than 30 years in the areas of their competence, which allows us to provide a comprehensive service of quality and results effective, since it has a human resources structure integrated by a valuable group of professionals and a tradition of service oriented to the needs of its clients.

It is born from the need of our clients to speed up their procedures. We understand that people need to take advantage of every minute of their time and increase their productivity. Our Synergy of companies, offers an efficient and timely solution for the development of its activities.


Accounting and Finance

Accounting Process Management
Daily update of accounting books in accordance with tax regulations and with the specifications and characteristics of each company.
We guarantee a wide level of detail in accounting, for which we rely on Microsoft Dynamics software, which allows wide-ranging analysis of results at departmental levels, cost centers, activities and projects.

Adaptation of the Accounts Plan to the needs of each company.

Preparation of Financial Statements
Balance Sheet or Financial Situation.
State of Patrimonial Behavior.
Statements of Results or of Profits and Losses.
Cash Flows.

Adequacy of Accounting Procedures
We evaluate the processes of each one of the areas or activities of your company (Purchases, Sales, Collections, Payments, Maintenance, Production, etc.) and establish or propose improvements to the existing ones, for the correct flow of information, accounting and storage of the information.

Evaluation of Internal Controls
We make a complete or partial evaluation of the control mechanisms established in your company, covering Inventory Control, Control of Fixed Assets, Purchases and Payments, Billing and Collections, Cash Control, Expenditure Control, Personnel Control, etc.

Together with the personnel previously designated by the Company, we determine and propose the appropriate control procedures for each of the activities.

Constant advice on internal control matters.


Financial, Fiscal, Forensic and Computer Audit
In Alliance with the Audit Firm "Francisco y Asociados", Nexia International, we include audit services. Among them the following are offered:

Forensic audit
Aimed at discovering possible frauds or crimes and their impact on the financial situation of the company.

Financial Audit
Which focuses on the analysis and study of Financial Statements, issuing an opinion on fundamental aspects such as Reasonableness of the balances and compliance with accounting principles.

Tax audit
The objective is to determine if the accounting reflection of the fiscal circumstances is reasonable in accordance with the established norms and if the legal obligations have been adequately met.

Computer Audit
By means of which it is possible to determine if the information systems maintain the integrity and reliability of the processed data, as well as their profitability, efficacy and safety.

Human Resources

• Registration and Control of personnel to the Ministry of Labor.

• Preparation of payroll.

• Determination of amounts to be paid for Social Security and presentation to the Treasury.

• Payroll.

• Determination of the values ​​to pay for Labor Benefits (Pre-Warning, Unemployment Assistance) and of the Acquired Rights by employees (Christmas Salaries, Holidays, Financial Assistance, etc.).

• Constant advice on labor matters.


• Tax return

• We determine the amounts to be paid for each of your company's taxes, such as ITBIS (VAT), Income Tax, Selective Consumption Tax (ISC), Staff Tax, etc.

• Monthly presentation to the Directorate General of Internal Taxes of tax obligations and / or Data Submission Formats.

• We prepare the Annual Sworn Statement to the General Directorate of Taxes and / or Data Submission Formats.

• We manage all the procedures concerning your company with the General Tax Office.

• Determination and Analysis of Transfer Prices, in accordance with the Dominican tax laws, General Standard 04-2011 and the OECD Guidelines. Tax audit.

• Tax Planning.

• Tax training for the staff of your company.
Constant advice on tax matters.